Orange Traffic Light System

As part of the Traffic Light framework Auckland is currently in the Orange traffic light setting. It is expected all business, including close-contact stores and cafes at Southgate Shopping Centre, will be open for trade.

While we will continue to update our approach in line with advice from the New Zealand Government and Ministry of Health, and work to keep you informed, please note it is the responsibility of each business to familiarise themselves with the guidelines that relate to their business and the necessary regulations you will need to adhere to.

  • Trading will remain the same as it is for retail and close-contact stores. No change. 
  • For restaurants, cafes and gyms, 1-metre distance requirement along with limits to customer numbers are in place


How stay safe at Red:

  • Record keeping and scanning are required
  • You must display the NZ Covid tracing app QR code
  • Face coverings are mandatory for retail
  • General Retail can open with capacity limits based on 1 metre distancing
  • Close contact and food retailers need to continue to adhere to the guidelines in relation to My Vaccine Passes. 
  • For employees who are employed in a business that operate with My Vaccine Passes all employees in that business must be now fully vaccinated as at 17 January 2022.

We encourage you to remain diligent in meeting Government guidelines and managing your responsibilities as a retailer to collectively offer our community a positive shopping experience.  We will also been sending out an in-Centre memo to your store detailing the guidelines under the Red Traffic Light. 

A reminder to all retailers that the Australian and New Zealand COVID-19 Protection Frameworks differ.  

Should you require more detailed information please refer to the following link: